Winchester Netball Club Lightning squad

Southampton League: Division 2
Lightning Lightning
Natalia Simmons Member profile

Captain : Natalia Simmons

I  joined Winchester Netball Club in September 2011 after moving here from Bedfordshire. I have played netball since school on and off for 20 years (which makes me sound very old!) and after having four children, see it not only as a way of escape but as means to get fit and have fun with like minded people.  I am a shooter and after many years holding my space as a Goal Shooter I have recently discovered the delights of running around the netball court as Goal Attack for Lightning team!
Becki Arnold Member profile

Vice Captain : Becki Arnold

I joined Winchester in 2011, playing for Lightning. I mainly play WD, which I love, but also occasionally C, WA or GD. Basically anything but shooting! Lightning is a great team and I love playing for Winchester.
Marcelle Fowler Member profile - no photo available Marcelle Fowler
I've recently moved to the area for a new job and joined Winchester Netball Club to meet new people, keep fit and have some fun!

I play C, WA, WD and GD.
Hannah Long Member profile Hannah Long
This is my first season with WNC and already I love it. I have played netball ever since school, you never lose the buzz. I have always played centre court, C/WA, however, recently I've been dabbling in the circle as GA/GS. 
Kate McMicking Member profile Kate McMicking
I've just recently returned to netball after being inspired by one of the back to netball courses.  I'm enjoying the new challenge and getting back into sport after having a baby! My preferred position is GD or GK.
Katie Mote Member profile - no photo available Katie Mote
I have been playing netball since I was 9 and I have always played at school and out of school clubs. I have recently joined and am really enjoying it. The positions I play are any mid court - WA,C,WD. Netball has always been a large passion of mine and I love playing it!
Hanna Ridges Member profile - no photo available Hanna Ridges
I've played netball since a really nice lady came into my primary school hall and trust me this was a long time ago! So all through school, club, college, uni and most recently for several clubs in the Brighton area. I really love playing and try my best to play WD/WA or GD but most of the time too short for this.

Carol Smart Member profile - no photo available Carol Smart
I have played netball through school and Uni, but only been back playing in the last 2 years. I have joined Winchester this season & have enjoyed pre-season training but am keen to start in competetive matches
Becky Unwin Member profile - no photo available Becky Unwin
Started playing netball at school and played for Shropshire County. Took a break for about 6 years whilst at University and moving down South, and joined my (old) Work team two years ago for a bit of fun netball and matches! Have recently joined Winchester and looking forward to some professional coaching - very much enjoying it so far and everyone is lovely! Usually play WD and WA.
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