Winchester Netball Club Thunder squad

Southampton League: Division 1
Thunder Thunder
Megan Cooper Member profile

Captain : Megan Cooper

I am 22 and I am a defender for Thunder. I have recently joined Winchester Netball Club and I'm really enjoying it so far!
Katy Bateson Member profile

Vice Captain : Katy Bateson

I've played for Winchester Netball Club for many years, in several teams! Prior to playing for Winchester I captained Kent University 1st team and played for Titan's netball team in the South Hants prem league.  My main positions are C/WA but have been known to play pretty much all other positions when required!
Ruth Ashton Member profile Ruth Ashton
I have been a member of Winchester Netball Club since it started in March 2000 and have helped the first team progress from division 5 to prem.
I am a C award umpire and club Chair as well as Storm Team Captain and the Website Manager..... I like to keep busy!

I play WD, C, WA.
Jo Batey Member profile Jo Batey
Jo Batey has been with the club since it began as a 10-week Back to Netball initiative funded by Winchester City Council. Coming from a basketball background it took her some time to stop dribbling the ball and snatching it out of other players hands. Her shot still looks more like a basketball shot than a traditional netball one after many years of playing! Jo is what is known as a bit of a 'one trick pony' in terms of playing positions having predominantly played GA throughout her time at the club. Occasional stints at GS and GD have also been known, but these have been the exception rather than the rule!
Kat Beadle Member profile - no photo available Kat Beadle
I have played team sports competitively for many years back in my home county of Essex. At my peak I was even selected for the England Netball Development squad! Ah, those were the days...
I chose basketball over netball at uni and captained the squad to success but soon returned to my first love - netball - with a few tenacious traits to add to my game.
Having moved to the area recently, I'm thoroughly enjoying my time at Winchester; playing in attack or representing those under 6ft in the shooting circle.
Trudy Ellison Member profile Trudy Ellison
I joined Winchester Netball in 2010 and have now played in all three teams. I have played in a number of positions but I am currently GD in Storm and play in the Hampshire League.
Lou Grainger Member profile - no photo available Lou Grainger
I joined Winchester netball Club in September 2013 as part of the Storm squad and am very much looking forward to playing in the Hampshire league. I have previously played in the Worthing, Portsmouth and Southampton leagues as I have moved around quite a lot. I play GA/GS.
Helen Gregory Member profile Helen Gregory
This is my third season playing for Winchester - my main positions are GS/GA.
Mae Hudson Member profile - no photo available Mae Hudson
This is my first season playing for Winchester and I'm really enjoying it so far...
Anna Jarvis Member profile - no photo available Anna Jarvis
I joined Winchester netball club part way through the 2012/2013 season after moving from London. I played for Thunder last season and am now playing for Storm. I am looking forward to playing with Storm in the Hampshire league. I mainly play in centre court, however have been known to play in the shooting circle. 
Tessa Player Member profile Tessa Player
I have been a member of Winchester for 7 years and I play C/WA for Storm.
Carolyn Power Member profile Carolyn Power
I have played - in defence -  for Winchester since it formed, back in the River Park days...
Nikki Reed Member profile Nikki Reed
Despite my arduous journey across 2 counties each week, I have been playing for WNC since March 2011 and currently play in Defence for Storm. 
Hannah Wood Member profile Hannah Wood
Have been playing netball since I was 10. Played throughout college and then joined the University of Chichester netball club playing mainly for their second team as a GK/GD. 
Having worked abroad for a year and a half I have now returned to playing and am enjoying playing for Winchester! 
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