Winchester Netball Club News story

Summer League Information

14 Feb 2019

Hello all members!


I am pleased to confirm that summer league fixtures are now out and on the website (and attached for ease).


The first match date is Wednesday 13th March for Whites and Wednesday 20th March for Blues & Purples. Matches are either at 7pm or 8.15pm.


Match availability

Just like winter league, it is vital that you update your availability on the website for these matches. Each team consists of circa 20 players and so it is not possible for captains to monitor availability via Whatsapp. Please ensure you keep this up to date as if not, you either run the risk of not being selected or letting your team members down last minute.


If you have not signed any paperwork for summer league, please contact your lovely captains (below) & the amazing Robynn ASAP to arrange signing.



These will need to be provided at the same time as the umpiring commitment. I believe that Captains will be placing this on a rota to ensure everyone does their fair share. Please note that if your umpire has to swap courts, you must remain at the commitment court to score that game. Do not follow your umpire if they are swapped out.



Our fabulous umpiring secretary, Natalia, will attempt to source umpires for most of the matches. She has a great track record and I have no reason to worry that she will not be able to source all 44 umpires for the club. However, it is the teams responsibility to check in with those umpires allocated to your matches and ensure they are aware of their commitments. Natalia will not  be able to do this.



Will move to a Tuesday evening outside at King's School for ALL teams (including Blizzards) from Tuesday 19th March 6.30-8.30. There will be 3 weeks' worth of training and then a 2 week training break over Easter. Please note there may be matches during this 2 week training break.



Purples (Captained by Becca & Rose) – Storm & Thunder

Blues (Captained by Juliette & Becki) – Lightning + selected Blizards.

Whites (Captained by Mel & Dani) – Tornadoes + selected Blizzards.


Whatsapp groups will be set up and used to communicate team line ups and any training/parking/travel communications.


If you are unsure which team you are in, please review the website under "teams" and then check each of the colours for your name. If you have not been allocated to a team, please let me know ASAP.


I look forward to seeing all your faces, together, come March! J