Winchester Netball Club Winchester Purple squad

Kate A

I'm Kate, I joined WNC in January 2017 when the team was looking for a shooter.

Previously, I played netball for Brunel University and West Harnham in Salisbury. As well as netball, I also play football and basketball. 

I'm currently out injured with a ruptured ACL and hoping to return to playing in 2019. I usually play GS or GA but have played the odd occasion in defence.

Robynn A
I joined WNC when I was 15 yrs old. I was with the first team for almost 10 years, before I went and played for another club. After 4 years of being away, i've returned to WNC where I haven't looked back :-)
I've played College, University, Club and South Region netball and i've been fortunate to play up and down the court experiencing every playing position!
I currently play WD for Storm.
Ruth A
I have been a member of Winchester Netball Club since it started in March 2000 and have helped the first team progress from division 5 to prem.
I am a C award umpire and club Chair as well as Storm Team Captain and the Website Manager..... I like to keep busy!

I play WD, C, WA.
Jo B
Jo Batey has been with the club since it began as a 10-week Back to Netball initiative funded by Winchester City Council. Coming from a basketball background it took her some time to stop dribbling the ball and snatching it out of other players hands. Her shot still looks more like a basketball shot than a traditional netball one after many years of playing! Jo is what is known as a bit of a 'one trick pony' in terms of playing positions having predominantly played GA throughout her time at the club. Occasional stints at GS and GD have also been known, but these have been the exception rather than the rule!
Julia B
I joined the club in 2014 when I moved down from Edinburgh. I had been playing in a friendly league in Scotland and wanted to carry on playing when I moved. Since then, I have loved training and developing my game with the girls! I have played in almost every team at the club and have been playing in storm for the last 2 seasons. I absolutely love the intensity and challenge (and the laughter). I have learned so much from these guys. You will only ever find me in defence.... 
Sandra B

I joined WNC in 2013 and currently play for Thunder. I am a Level 2 Coach and C Umpire and am currently Club Treasurer. Both my daughters also play for the club so it has become a big part of our lives. I enjoy being an active member and hope to be part of building out WNC to a more extensive membership over the next few years. 

Rose E
I have played for Winchester since 2016 having moved from the Isle of Wight, and have this season taken on the role of Club Captain. I play WA and C on a good day - although more recently have been making appearances at GA! 
Trudy E
I joined Winchester Netball in 2010 and have now played in all three teams. I have played in a number of positions but I am currently GD in Storm and play in the Hampshire League.
Tessa P
I have been a member of Winchester for 7 years and I play C/WA for Storm.
Liz V
I first joined Winchester Netball soon after it first started, had a spell away for 5 years after my second child but am now back playing again!
Hannah Wood

I have been playing for Storm since 2014 when I returned from working abroad. I originally joined as a defender but changed it up a bit and thought I’d try my hand at shooting. I now play either GS or GK for Storm.

Previously I have played in the North Devon Netball League and at the University of Chichester.

Performance history
Freddie Cook Sunlit League 20171001
Freddie Cook Sunlit League 20162101