Winchester Netball Club

Winchester Netball Club History

Winchester netball Club History
Winchester Netball Club formed in 2000 when England Netball ran a ten week Back 2 Netball Program at River Park Leisure Centre.  After ten weeks, the club was formed and it was handed over to the members who created a committee, found a coach and entered the Southampton League.

Since 2000, the club has grown as a participation club, offering netball to women with a broad range of abilities.  In the early 2000's, the club grew to four teams and the first team were seen regularly achieving promotion, until the ended up in Southampton prem (from div 5) and then moved to the Hampshire League.

Since this time, other strong and stable teams were being created in the club and in recent years we have celebrated our second team reaching the prem division in Southampton and our third team getting to division 2.  We also have a 4th team, who were mainly formed out of our own Back 2 Netball Sessions held in 2015 and who are doing well playing in local friendly league as well as playing on a Monday night in Southampton.

In 2017, we have now lowered our age range to 14, so that we can capture girls early.  These youngsters have proven to be a credit to the club and fit in incredibly well to our adult teams.

We are excited for the future of our club and with the provision of new facilities, we hope to develop further to have more adult teams and a junior section, as well as running regular Back 2 Netball Sessions and even some walking netball.