Winchester Netball Club Tornadoes squad

Tornadoes Tornadoes

Captain : Mel Smith

Danielle Taylor
I joined WNC to increase the netball I play and to try and improve, as I felt I had plateaued. I now play for three teams, including Tornadoes, but the training and playing with Tornadoes really pushes me to improve. Loving the defensive positions at the moment and really enjoying netball with this wonderful group of girls :)
Performance history
Winter League 2019-2020000000
Winter League 2017-2018000000
Winter League 2014-201521013028
Winter League 2012-201310406163161
Winter and Floodlit 2013-201431027670
Play Netball Southampton Friendly League Sept-Nov 2017100000
Play Netball Friendly League Mar-May 2018000000
MW Floodlit League 2018-2019000000
MW Floodlit League 2017-2018000000
MW Floodlit League 2016-2017000000
MW Floodlit League 2015- 2016000000
Freddie Cook Sunlit League 2017000000