Winchester Netball Club Thunder squad

Southampton Netball League - Division: Premier
Thunder Thunder

Captain : Claudia R

Vice Captain : Rebecca L

Sandra B

I joined WNC in 2013 and currently play for Thunder. I am a Level 2 Coach and C Umpire and am currently Club Treasurer. Both my daughters also play for the club so it has become a big part of our lives. I enjoy being an active member and hope to be part of building out WNC to a more extensive membership over the next few years. 

Molly R
I am in year 11 at Perins and have been playing netball since year 4, I mainly play C/WA. I am really enjoying playing at Winchester. 
Performance history
Winter League 2019-2020000000
Winter League 2018-2019000000
Winter League 2017-2018000000
Winter League 2016 - 2017000000
Winter League 2015-2016000000
Winter League 2014-20158303208213
Winter League 2012-2013131201563328
Winter and Floodlit 2013-2014520214990