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    • Ruth Ashton (Chair)
    • Linda Dyer (Head Coach)
    • Amy McIntosh (Club Captain)
    • Robynn Alner (Affiliation Secretary)
    • Sandra Bowhay (Treasurer - Banking)
    • Kristina Afford (Treasurer - Accounts)
    • Tessa Player (Coaching Secretary)
    • Natalia Simmons (Umpiring Secretary)
    • Amy McIntosh (Safeguarding and Welfare Officer)
    • Kim Skene (Safeguarding and Welfare Officer)
    • Ruth Ashton (Storm Team Captain)
    • Kristina Afford (Thunder Vice Team Captain)
    • Robynn Alner (Storm Team Captain )
    • Megan Cooper (Thunder Team Captain)
    • Natalia Simmons (Lightning Team Captain)
    • Julia Beckett (Hurricane Team Captain)
    • Sandra Bowhay (Kit Secretary (Non club official))

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